Esports Charts

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Esports Charts


Esports Charts is the multi-sense big data-mining and analytical agency for esports, traditional sports and entertainment. It is one of the largest public sources of streaming analytics in the world.

Problem – Esports Is Lacking Reliable Data

There is no centralized and systematic framework for data analytics regarding broadcast, advertising campaigns, and awareness in esports.


Esports Charts statistics makes esports more honest and clear, and helps sponsors, organizers and viewers to find out the degree of popularity of any broadcast and esports event.


Esports Charts collects, researches, and analyze data and statistics of live tournaments, real-time in-game events, player/team performance, and even spectators reactions and emotional context.



Esports Charts’ reports easy to filter, segment and rank the data in. We provide access to key statistics and surveys, trends in the esports and sports markets, as well as comparative and consolidated analytics.


Esports Charts’ knows nearly everything about disciplines and teams, both globally and in particular areas. We can tell you what kind of event, in which discipline and when it is best to launch.

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