Bringing Athletes Together Through Esports: An Interview with Stefy Bau

Stefy Bau, motocross champion and co-founder and director of Init Esports, has connected with NGame Esports to talk about the goals and logistics of Race Me. The upcoming esports exhibition will showcase professional athletes from a variety of women’s sports. As an award-winning athlete, Stefy Bau has a competitive outlook and eye for innovation needed in the gaming world. The digital racing competition will be streamed live on Twitch on January 9th. Race Me promotes the inclusivity of women in both gaming and traditional sports.

NGame: What motivated the organization to create an event such as this?

Stefy Bau: Race Me was born with the idea to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion and we decided to do so by pairing athletes and gamers. Gaming is a very good vehicle to bring attention to causes and Twitch is the perfect platform to do so. It started out as a simple idea and I picked up the phone and connected with a few elite athletes. Everyone was immediately onboard and they were super excited to participate in an event that can bring good to the world while having fun doing it. Once the athletes were in, we needed to find the partners to provide the equipment for the athletes to play and then put together the show. Everyone we contacted, said Yes right away so we were ready to create Race Me.

NGame: How did the name “Race Me” come about?

Stefy Bau: Race me is a very common terminology frequently used in a racing environment. like, “Hey, do you wanna race me? Come on, let’s go on the track” The athletes picked it up right away and we are going to see it apply during the event and on the lead up to the event.
Basically, the meaning behind is to invite a challenge and having people curious enough to come and watch Race Me

NGame: How was it possible to attract six excellent athletes to participate in the event?

Stefy Bau: In reality, I just picked up the phone and made a few calls. As a former professional athlete, there is an embedded respect there, sort of street cred, and once I explained what I was up to, the answer was YES immediately.
It may not be as simple for companies to achieve the same result in a small amount of time, because when agents, sponsors, etc get involved, it can get complicated, but for us was just about calling, telling the plan, and ask if they wanted to be part of this.
Being an event with 100% of profits going to a charity, all the business talks were out of the window, so it was just a group of good people coming together and making it happen.

NGame: Was it easy to coordinate schedules for the event? Both for communicating with the athletes and the timing of Race Me itself.

Stefy Bau: Coordinating a digital event across 2 continents and many different timelines was not an easy feat to pull through but we did it. On top of it, Race Me being a charitable event, we knew that we needed to be flexible because everyone was just going to donate their time. We split the work up, I mostly communicated with the athletes, someone else on the team was in charge to stay on top of the partners and so on.
It has been a fantastic and hard experience but we know also that this is the new reality that we live in so, bring it on!

NGame: Are there any plans to create more events like this in 2021?

Stefy Bau: If Race Me has as successful as we all hope for, we have been already discussing to do Race Me #2 and #3. Those 2 sequels will involve respectively athletes and gamers from Europe/Africa and the APEC region. We are also working on launching our first year of tournaments for the AMA, so 2021 it is shaping to be a very busy year for us.

Stefy Bau is a former motocross racer and entrepreneur. Her esports agency Init Esports focuses on motorsports and is the official promoter of all American Motorcycle Association events. 

Watch Race me on Twitch at on Jan 9th starting at 11:00am PST. We do have giveaways as well, so jump in, watch the show, donate for the cause and enter a chance to win cool prizes!

Written by Kenneth Williams

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