Perspectives Focused on Esports Career Development is a new platform designed to help individuals hoping to start, or have recently started, a career in esports. Founded by Eunice Chen, an esports veteran who has worked with giants like Cloud9 and Riot Games, teaches vital skills for navigating the industry.

Meet Eunice Chen founder Eunice Chen enjoys building things and helping people. She has done both for many years in the marketing and video games industries. Chen got her start in esports back in 2013 as Event Manager for Riot Games. There, she helped plan and manage on-site Worlds 2013 esports events. 

She would go on to become a founding employee of Cloud9 as Vice President of Marketing. Chen is no stranger to start-ups. She founded her own Heroes of the Storm tournament production company, HeroesHype, in 2014 and has continued to advise for Cloud9 and others in the esports industry., she told Dexerto, was born from the idea that esports-related education is currently fragmented and impersonal. Through Enlight, she hopes to “build a community around learning and the sharing of knowledge.”

This new venture is entirely self-funded — a testament to Chen’s belief that such a community can exist.

Esports Enlightenment

Contrary to popular belief, the esports industry is about far more than teenagers making millions playing a video game. It is a fully-fledged yet constantly evolving entertainment machine that requires thousands of moving parts to succeed.

The truth is that esports needs accountants and medical consultants just as much as they need star players. encourages users to learn about jobs that play to their individual strengths. In addition, anyone interested in the esports industry can obtain help with their resumes and learn skills vital to the job hunting process, such as negotiation and interviewing. features expert advice from various aspects of the esports industry, from community management to partnerships, team acquisition, apparel design, and even legal affairs.

As of this writing, Chen and her team are accepting applications for members and advisors who are interested in advancing their careers and/or helping others on their path.

Creating a Sustainable Future for Esports

Esports may be a $1 billion industry, but it is still dwarfed by similar entertainment ventures such as the NFL ($16 billion) or even esports gambling ($14 billion). The majority of revenue within the esports industry comes from sponsorships. It’s important to realize that although esports is growing in terms of revenue and legitimacy, the industry cannot remain sustainable unless knowledge becomes less fragmented.

Many colleges worldwide are beginning to offer degrees in esports, but their effectiveness has not yet been proven, and programs may not be available to everyone interested. Oftentimes, advice from professionals working in the industry is the most valuable route, but not always feasible.

“Enlight is the platform I wish I had for guidance and education when I was growing up as a gamer, dreaming of working in the industry,” said Chen when the company launched.

Those who wish to enter the esports industry may find it difficult to recognize opportunities or the skill required. They may also make assumptions about the skills needed or suffer from “imposter syndrome” because they aren’t active players themselves. aims to change all that by providing not only guidance in the esports industry specifically, but teach skills that cross over into other facets of life.

written by HB Duran.

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