NGame Esports and The Esports EDU Lab Announce Partnership

November 2020 – NGame Esports and The Esports EDU Lab today announced a partnership with NGame providing services such as video, content, and marketing to support The Esports EDU Lab key initiatives and efforts. The partnership will provide quality resources to promote and educate esports to K-12 students, parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators. 

“The Esports EDU Lab is excited to partner with NGame Esports to bring educators and students resources in regards to esports, STEM careers, and game-based learning” said The Esports EDU Lab Founder Hubert Ha. The Esports EDU Lab is a program formed through a collaboration between UNLV, Blackfire Innovation, and Alexander Dawson. Its mission is to further Esports and game-based learning through community outreach, creation of free educator resources, and community outreach. As our community outreach program, we work tirelessly to partner with other organizations, educators, and schools to improve student learning experiences through the lens of esports and video games.

NGame Esports, a firm founded in 2019, is a consulting firm specializing in esports. This partnership aligns with its mission to promote the esports industry and the people that engage in it. NGame Esports provides content creation services and analytic services. 

 “Teaming up with The Esports EDU Lab allows us the opportunity to provide quality resources to support their key initiatives at the K-12 levels. It’s very important to educate schools and parents about esports and how it can make a positive impact on their students,” said NGame Esports Founder and CEO Cody Daniels. We feel we can develop great content to share The Esports EDU Lab story.”

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