3 Things Esports Brands Should Think About for a Social Media Contest

Social media contests are becoming more and more popular among brands from all corners of the internet. They are an excellent way to get people talking about a brand and get more eyes on whatever product or service someone is trying to promote.

The value and importance of social media contest

Social media contests will always be terrific for engagement with a brand’s content. When running a social media contest, ask for follows and likes as a way of gaining entry. Doing this helps grow the brand’s following and increases the chance that other people will see its content. This increased amount of likes, comments, and shares on a post works well with social media algorithms. 

They are more likely to show that post to people as a “Promoted” post, leading to a loop of engagement and algorithm promotion. There are three key things one should think about when deciding to run such a contest: terms of service, clear rules, and good customer service.

Understanding the Terms of Service

The Terms of Service are the legal agreements between a platform and someone who is using that platform. The terms are usually supposed to be read and agreed to when creating an account or using the content provided by that specific platform.

Different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others have different terms of service relating to brands who want to run some contests on their platform. They usually appear on the website’s help section, such as Twitter’s Help Center or Facebook’s Pages, Groups, and Events Policies. These terms of service often relate to what kinds of contests are allowed on the platform. They might also mention guidelines for collecting data from users, what kind of content is allowed in a contest, and other things of that nature. 

It is important to make sure that the contest the brand is running does not breach the platform’s terms of service, or it might get taken down prematurely. 

The contest itself should also have its own terms of service. They should include guidelines for contest submissions, how many entries are allowed per person, how the winner is chosen, etc. The contest’s terms of service should be clearly outlined in the post advertising the contest, and participants must agree to it before entering.

Clear Rules & Eligibility

Brands must make the rules and eligibility of their contests clear and easy to understand. They must ensure that people know what they need to do to enter the contest and make it less likely that they will contact the brand with questions. Fewer questions mean that social media managers can work towards promoting the contest or the brand.

Contest clarity is also important when considering where the people participating in the contest reside. Different countries, states, or cities have different rules regarding contests’ or sweepstakes’ winnings. Some take more of a slice of the winnings as tax or might require the winnings to be reported differently. These are important to consider to avoid any unhappy winners who might not be able to claim their winnings due to some local rules.

Employees should also not be eligible to participate to avoid any perceived bias from the community. There is no surefire way to assure the community that employees are not favored other than excluding them entirely. The contest rules must also comply with the social media platform’s rules to ensure the contest is good to go.

Executing Customer Service

Even if everything about the contest is clear and easy to understand, there will always be questions. That is why it’s important to ensure that there are staff members that oversee any channel where questions or comments may arise. That means having someone monitor any public contact channel that the brand has and respond with accurate and straightforward information. Being open and quick to reply shows the public that the brand cares about its audience and is ready to address any concerns they might have.

When a winner(s) is/are announced, be ready to keep constant communications with them until the winnings are confirmed as having been delivered. Make sure that their winnings are as described when they receive them before marking the contest as finished. If allowed, publicly congratulate the winner(s) on the brand’s social media accounts. These combined make the winner(s) feel appreciated and special. They are also likely to positively affect that person’s outlook towards your brand, leading to further business in the future.

Written by Gabriel Ionica

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