EsportsLAB Scores Big with $1 million Investment

Million-dollar investment provides a boost for EsportsLAB

EsportsLAB has attracted a $1 million investment from the Satus Starter venture capital fund. The European Union is the primary funding source for the fund. The Polish esports analytics startup plans to use the funding to develop its performance analytics software.

EsportsLAB is looking to take esport analytics to the next level by taking a science-based approach to training, similar to professional sports organizations’ services. EsportsLAB offers services merging team management, data collection, in-game performance monitoring, and analytics for players and coaches. Given the array of services EsportsLAB offers, they could become an attractive partner for professional esport organizations.

How can EsportsLAB impact the current landscape of performance analytics?

EsportsLAB wields an impressive lineup of services capable of competing with other performance analytics players in the esports industry. Companies like the Esports Performance Academy and GYO Score focus on enhancing a player’s performance and developing future professionals.

EsportsLAB takes this process deeper by tracking not only performance but the full-scope of their performing potential. Through player cognitive testing, EsportsLAB can train gamers to perform at the peak of their abilities. EsportsLAB goes further than its competitors by tracking the overall well-being of its users. 

EsportsLAB tracks user physical health through posture assessment and movement pattern examinations. Based on the results of the evaluation, players receive feedback to improve comfort and reduce injury risk. Through wearables, EsportsLAB tracks sleep patterns, mood monitoring, and physical activity to ensure peak performance.

Another hot esports startup, Mobalytics, helps players perfect their skill in games like League of Legends. EsportsLAB takes a different approach, intending to strengthen player performance across the board. EsportsLAB offers interactive tests of game-specific knowledge to evaluate player strengths and weaknesses. They also provide information on manual and tactical abilities to inform team strategy.

What’s next for EsportsLAB?

EsportsLAB picked up critical investments from Satus Starter Fund during their seeding phase. According to EsportsLAB’s website, the funding will increase the pace of development and the functionality of the software geared towards individual players.

While the company is still in its infancy, it will need to pick up partners to show their system can work with professional esports organizations.

The investment made the industry take notice, but EsportsLAB must continue to find additional funding sources to reach its full viability as a business. While their vision for a performance analytics firm that also serves as a player development system is an impressive idea, it needs funding to reach its full potential.

The next 12-to-18 months are critical for EsportsLAB’s success. Attracting deep-pocketed investors for the series A funding phase would do wonders for the brand’s long-term success.

Written by Chris Connors

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