Education-focused Esports Trainer GamerzClass Scores $1M Venture Round

What is GamerzClass?

Based out of Denmark, GamerzClass is an online esports training service that connects directly to four of the largest competitive titles. The stat-tracking startup underwent its most successful round yet on July 1st, raising $1 million from four firms in a venture round led by Bumble Ventures. In addition to their previous rounds, the two-person team has received $1.7 million in funding.

As the esports investing space slowly begins to solidify, investors are looking for overlooked avenues of entering the esports space. Esports training platforms are a common target, but GamerzClass is far from the only option. What should investors be paying attention to when monitoring the esports training market? What sets GamerzClass apart from the competition?

Taking advantage of distance learning

Esports stat-tracking sites like Dotabuff, Mobalytics, and OP.GG have been around for years with a core audience of both casual gamers and competitive grinders. GamerzClass seeks to take its business model and pivot it towards the education market.

Schools are taking full advantage of distance learning to deal with the current pandemic. Many high schools and colleges like Full Sail University and the University of California Irvine were already testing the waters with esports, and lack of personnel has been a major choke in the rising scene. 

GamerzClass offers online training for League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, the three most prominent and most popular esports globally. They also connect with FIFA, a common pick for high schools that want to avoid violent imagery. Schools are already relying on telecommuting, so introducing esports into the fold is less of a jump than it was in 2019.

GamerzClass aren’t the only ones in the space with ample funding. L2P Limited has raised more than $4.6 million in various rounds and launched Learn2Esport in 2018 as its academic product. While L2P Limited treats L2E as a side operation, GamerzClass is specifically dedicated to the education space. The scholastic market is a fickle one, and modifying its business to keep up with the changing landscape is a notable advantage for GamerzClass. 

What to expect from GamerzClass

With their recently established focus on the education space, GamerzClass has several paths to pursue. One of their first will be an overhaul to their monetization, switching the website to a subscription-based model. They’re currently testing a new $10/month model with their Dota 2 service, and intend to expand it to FIFA. How this new model pans out will have significant ramifications on GamerzClass’ development.

Another litmus test will be the partners that GamerzClass works with. Connections are essential in both esports and education, so the gaming organizations, teams and even players they work with have to be top-notch. Their recent class, taught by Dota 2 superstar Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen from Team OG, is a great sign, but keep an eye on any commercial partnerships in the future.

Written by Kenneth Williams

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