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Data Perspective: Herman Miller & Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion and Herman Miller have agreed to a deal, making Herman Miller the Overwatch League franchise’s official gaming chair. According to the terms of the agreement, Philadelphia Fusion gamers will use the newly released Embody Gaming Chair for both practice and competition.

Herman Miller is only the latest in a long line of corporate sponsors for the Philadelphia Fusion, after partnering with Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, Aim Lab and CommScope. The Overwatch League franchise will surely benefit from the new state-of-the-art gaming chairs.

The partnership expands Herman Miller’s visibility with esports organizations after inking deals with North American gaming organization’s Complexity Gaming, TSM and fellow Overwatch League franchise San Francisco Shock.

How Herman Miller used data to execute this deal

Before agreeing to this sponsorship, Herman Miller evaluated whether it would be a wise investment by researching streaming numbers, concluding a partnership with an Overwatch League franchise would provide a positive return on investment. With Esports Charts metrics, there are many statistics Herman Miller could have used to make an informed decision.

While Twitch’s metrics are useful, Esports Charts metrics take it a step further, offering additional statistics. For a deal like this, two metrics stand out above the rest.

To understand the number of authorized viewers who stayed within the specified broadcast for at least a minute, Herman Miller would have checked the unique authorized viewers statistic. If the Philadelphia Fusion’s viewership numbers were too low, then Herman Miller would have taken their business elsewhere.

Another metric they could have used to execute this deal is the core audience of a team feature. This statistic measures the number of unique viewers who watched more than half of a team’s games during the reporting period.

These statistics could have helped Herman Miller make an informed decision about the potential success and viability of a partnership with the Philadelphia Fusion. Using these metrics, it is easier to understand how many viewers will be exposed to their product, leading to a better-informed business decision.

Measuring this deal using Esports Charts metrics

Next, Herman Miller will need to evaluate the success of their new partnership. The most precise way to determine this is through increased sales of their product. Beyond that, they’ll look for internal data to see if their partnership resonates with Philadelphia Fusion viewers.

Esports Charts metrics go a long way toward this goal. Using the chat analysis feature, Herman Miller will get a sense of the total number of unique chat participants, the most popular messages and chat rooms, and the most popular Twitch Emotions. Using this feature, they’ll see how the viewers are reacting to their product and if their gaming chairs are sparking conversation.

Herman Miller also could use the average minutes audience metric. This statistic demonstrates the average number of viewers for a match, tournament or any of the Philadelphia Fusion’s streams.

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Written by Chris Connors | photo credit: NGame Esports

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