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Data Perspective: Verizon & RLCS X

On Aug. 21, Psyonix’s Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) announced that Verizon will sponsor the North American RLCS X season. The North American RLCS X is a competitive esports series for the game Rocket League and will utilize Verizon’s 5G network to support their upcoming tournaments.

This partnership is timely for RLCS X, as the tournament will be held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now will be carried by Verizon’s fast and secure online network. Through this partnership, the RLCS X “powered by Verizon” slogan and Verizon’s logo will be broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers, as the Rocket League Esports Twitch account has more than 1.4 million followers and gains thousands of views on every video. 

Data-Driven Decisions Produce Reliable Results

Considering metrics such as the total number of followers or viewers by broadcasting platform are important quantitative data points for companies such as Verizon to consider when partnering with an esports organization. Looking at these metrics while evaluating a potential partnership will give brands information about the consumer base they plan to market toward.

Data collected on esports organizations can be a powerful tool in aiding the decision-making process. By making data-driven decisions, brands can observe positive and negative trends within data, and make informed choices that will produce reliable results. Data can provide information regarding whether an esports organization has a strong following on other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, in addition to streaming platforms like Twitch. Whether a brand wants to build its current presence on social media sites or expand to new horizons on streaming platforms, it is vital to analyze these factors. Data-driven information helps brands make effective choices.

A brand can also find more in-depth information on an esports audience, such as viewership by language or content analysis of chat room messages. Through exploring these metrics, a brand can gain greater insight if its company values effectively appeal to an esports organization’s audience.

Using Data to Evaluate Partnership Payoffs

Current research confirms that businesses that make data-driven decisions can improve their profit margins, as businesses that consider relevant data points while making decisions witness a profit increase of 8–10%. While working with an esports organization, there are numerous metrics that could allow brands such as Verizon to predict their potential return on investment ratio while measuring their new partnership. By examining total unique views per video and air time, a brand can analyze how many people will be exposed to their brand and for how long.

Brands can gain insight on data points collected from previous streams, such as exploring the metrics from Rocket League tournaments. For example, Verizon could investigate data points from the North American Rocket League Spring Series and consider if an average audience size of around 50,000 viewers is ideal for their brand. Websites such as Esports Charts can provide a deeper perspective into these metrics, allowing brands to search which esports team matches had the peak amount of viewership, and use this information to make marketing decisions.

Many businesses recognize the power of data, as 91% of respondents claimed that making data-driven decisions is a valuable business tool in a survey by SuperOffice. Despite acknowledging its usefulness, data remains an untapped resource for most businesses; only 57% of respondents consider data while making decisions for their business. While curating and interpreting quantitative data may seem like a daunting task, utilizing data collection websites can streamline the process and help evaluate prospective partnerships. 

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