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Data Perspective: CoD League & Raven

Esports apparel brand, Raven, began selling merchandise featuring the Call of Duty League and the franchise team’s official logos after the two sides agreed to a licensing deal. The agreement enhances the Call of Duty League’s exposure during a successful inaugural season. The recent championship weekend was the inspiration for the first apparel line.

A beneficial deal for both sides

Licensed merchandising agreements are an effective way to grow awareness for brands. The apparel becomes a walking advertisement with every purchase, extending visibility to new demographics that may not have otherwise known about the Call of Duty League. Including team logos allows teams to distinguish themselves from the rest of the 12-team league.

Raven benefits from the agreement by tying itself to the established Call of Duty brand, even if the Call of Duty League is in its relative infancy. Raven becomes only the second licensed apparel partner for the league after previously partnering with ULT. With this deal, Raven continues to build a reputation as a major player in esports merchandising.

How they used data to execute this deal

Before entering this licensing deal, Raven needed to ensure it would be a wise investment. Raven explored streaming numbers and concluded the Call of Duty brand would provide a positive return on investment. With esports charts metrics, there are many statistics Raven could have used.

They could have analyzed the number of viewers on Call of Duty League streams and tournaments. They also would try to understand the dedication of the audience by looking at many metrics. These statistics would show the size of the consumer base for the merchandise products.

The first way to do this would be by using the views per minute metric. This metric shows the average number of views per minute. The growth of followers metric shows how the audience increases. Showing follower growth throughout the season is critical when evaluating a potential consumer base.

How they used data to measure the success of this deal

Measuring the success of this deal will come down to one factor: sales. It is the endgame for the entire partnership. However, there will be other metrics that can measure the deal before the money comes rolling in.

The core audience of a team statistic measures the number of viewers who watched over half of the team’s games. It is an important statistic showing the earning potential of a Call of Duty League team. This is crucial, given that each team will have unique merchandise.

During the recent championship weekend, Raven likely looked at viewership dynamics during the event to see how the audience changed from day to day and match by match. It will help provide a better understanding of their expectations surrounding major league events and the increased playoff earning potential.

Finally, Raven will run a data analysis to gain a complete picture of the overall success of the season and playoffs. Future viewership projections will depend on these reports and will lead to a positive return on investment. All these metrics will help metric gauge the success of their Call of Duty apparel deal.

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Written by Chris Conners | Image credit: Esportz Network

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