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Take Your Twitch Sponsorship To The Next Level

Over the last decade, esports has transformed from a niche hobby into a lucrative industry. Live streaming has been one of the most important drivers behind the popularity of esports. With a simple click and an internet-connected device, viewers can jump onto a live streaming service to watch the stream from their favorite event, player or team.

While streamers have found tremendous success capturing audiences, there are ways to take their streams to the next level. When running a business, knowing as much as possible about your products and consumers is vital.Live streaming through Twitch is no different. Individual streamers, teams and event organizers benefit from understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their streams.

Goals of your sponsorship

Gaining sponsors is a natural end goal for any streamer. However, there is a difference between a run-of-the-mill streaming operation and platforms that advertisers desire. Communication is the best way to get there. 

Speak to potential sponsors about the expectations to understand how to best deliver on their goals. Asking the right questions can go a long way toward the success of your sponsorship.

Understanding the objectives of the agreement is critical before agreeing to a sponsorship. Is the sponsor looking for the total number of views or total hours watched by viewers? 

As an event organizer, it is helpful to know during which match viewership is at its peak. Knowing how your streams stack up against top streamers in a similar discipline is important.

With the proper service, all this information can be right at your fingertips. All that information can do wonders for the quality of your streams, driving viewers and advertisers to your platform.

Identifying the right metrics to measure goals and objectives

Any company agreeing to sponsor a streamer will seek a positive return on their investment. To do this, they will look for various metrics to ensure they’re making smart business decisions. That’s where esports charts and Twitch channel analytics make the difference. Twitch channel analytics and esports charts offer many statistics to help you better understand your streaming numbers.

The peak concurrent viewers statistic showed when the stream received the highest viewership. This can help you structure your streams to best maximize viewership. Views per minute is an indicator of the average number of viewers. 

Viewership by languages is a helpful way to understand the reach of your streams. The tournament popularity dynamics are also a useful metric to measure the changes in a tournament’s popularity across countries and disciplines compared to other tournaments.

With the core audience of an event statistic, you can quickly identify the number of unique viewers who watched over 50% of all tournament matches. A stream with a high number of dedicated viewers, showing a positive return on investment, is attractive to potential sponsors.

Reporting and proof of execution

Taking your Twitch sponsorship to the next level requires a fulfillment report. This will outline the needs and goals of your sponsor. It sets reasonable goals for the sponsor based on past performance.

This fulfillment report will outline your sponsorship’s formal expectations, informed by the streaming metrics available through Twitch channel analytics and esports charts. Even a slight over-delivery will represent a successful return on investment from the sponsor. The sponsor will be more likely to continue the sponsorship. 

Creating a detailed report is attractive to returning and future sponsors. Creating the groundwork for a successful business relationship is worth the effort to better understand expectations for each stream or event.

Whether for personal use, team events or tournament organizers, esports charts have the data and analysis to measure the impact of sponsorships and events, taking your streaming sponsorship opportunities to the next level.

Written by Christopher Conners | Image credit: Twitch and NGame Esports

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