Misfits Gaming Group Partnership Deal With NBA’s Magic and Heat

The Misfits Gaming Group and the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic and Miami Heat have entered into a strategic partnership rights deal, expanding the esports organization’s visibility by pairing with two well-known traditional sports brands.


The Misfits Gaming Group (MGG) was founded by CEO and Florida-native Ben Spoont in May of 2016, originally competing as a League of Legends team before expanding their reach into the world of first-person shooters by acquiring an Overwatch League franchise for the Miami-Orlando area, the Florida Mayhem. 

MGG continued acquiring professional gaming franchises when the organization purchased a franchise slot for the Call of Duty League for a team that would become the Florida Mutineers. In early February of this year, Misfits Gaming Group received grants to establish its headquarters and training facilities in Boca Raton, Florida.

This deal represents a win-win situation for all involved parties. For Misfits Gaming Group, they will be able to inch their way into the NBA’s valuable viewership demographic and expand visibility for their brand. As for the Magic and Heat, they are permitted to use MGG’s properties in marketing opportunities. As the most well-known brands in this partnership, they’ll gain association with MGG’s properties and successes.


This co-marketing venture, which will involve the Magic and Heat assisting in “marketing, promotion, digital and sponsorship sales” on behalf of MGG, will be important for a number of reasons. It will expose Misfit Gaming Group to a whole new demographic of fans. Imagine the MGG and the Florida Mayhem’s logo on the jumbotron next to the Heat’s logo at American Airlines Arena during a promo spot. That would do wonders for MGG’s brand and instantly introduce the organization to an entirely new fanbase. 

Additionally, this move will introduce MGG to non-endemic brands interested in making the leap into the esports industry. This has been a popular phenomenon as brands have jumped on the esports bandwagon.

For the NBA franchises, it will provide exposure inside the world of esports across non-sports titles including Overwatch, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. It also introduces the Heat and Magic to brands within esports, allowing for the potential of additional sponsorship opportunities.

Businesses and organizations within Florida should take notice of this development because these organizations represent a powerful trio in the world of entertainment, capable of touching two important demographics. Whereas NBA captures a mainstream audience that can span from teens into older viewers, esports viewers skew younger and can capture a subsection of people who might not be otherwise interested in traditional sports.


Other esports organizations should recognize the scope and potential benefits of a co-marketing partnership with a major sports franchise. Major sports franchises have more resources and years of expertise at their disposal. Depending on the partner, a professional sports team can introduce new fans to the esports product, lure unique sponsors and even attract new investors from the world of traditional sports

Esports teams should seek out partnerships like this more often. While it gives professional sports organizations a leg into the esports industry, it also provides remarkable opportunities for esports teams, granting important visibility to any team trying to distinguish themselves as a premier player in esports gaming. Any esports organization should be thrilled by the opportunity to tie themselves to prestigious sports franchises and brands. The mere association grants esports teams a certain level of legitimacy that helps in the wider world of marketing beyond esports.

Article written by Christopher Connors | Image credit: Misfits Gaming – Wikipedia

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