NGame Esports and Esports.net Announce Partnership

Houston, TX – NGame Esports and Esports.net announced a one-year partnership with NGame Esports providing esports news, meta-analysis, predictions and betting related content for Esports.net and its affiliates effective June 1, 2020. Esports.net says that the partnership will ensure more engagement and authenticity with its audience while continuing to drive the company’s growth in the esports world. 

“NGame Esports will allow us to execute our esports content strategy and serve an enthusiastic audience” said Gianfranco Capozzi, Head of Esports at Catena Media.

Esports.net is owned and operated by Catena Media, a high-quality online lead generation company within Gaming, Sports and Financial Services. Catena Media is listed on Nasdaq Mid Cap, owns 1,200 site brands and boasts over 5 million monthly users.

Founded in 2019, NGame Esports is a marketing firm specializing in esports. With a focus on content and marketing strategy, NGame Esports provides written and video content for clients looking to engage more deeply with their audiences. 

“As a startup, this is a big deal for the organization. This represents the hard work up to this point but also Catena Media’s ability to see the value we create,” said NGame Esports Founder & CEO Cody Daniels. “We want to help position Esports.net as the preferred destination for esports enthusiasts”. 

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