Perspective: Magic Gaming and Budlight Partnership

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports shares his perspective about the Magic Gaming and Budlight partnership.

Magic Gaming Perspective

Magic Gaming is lucky to have landed such a well known and active sponsor for their organization. Bud Light has been making its rounds within the esports community over the past few months. The positive effects this will bring to the organization will plan the future for the rest of their existence within the 2K league and esports in general.

With a sponsor like this, Magic Gaming can genuinely focus all of their assets on creating new and entertaining events with awesome prizes. This can almost guarantee participation within the community and hopefully, the ability to influence outside fans of the sport to participate in fun local events around Florida. With the start of the co-branded streaming service, they can provide services that other organizations cannot or have not tried yet. This can be a massive push in branding for Magic Gaming and will establish them as a leader within the League.

Bud Light Perspective

Bud Light has been investing in the 2K League for months, and with the extra investment into organizations and streaming services, it is safe to say that Bud Light is here to stay within the esports industry. With over a 20-year commitment to the NBA, it is no surprise that Bud Light was looking to jump to the 2K league as soon as possible. By expanding their esports footprint, they have also invested heavily in the Overwatch League to become the official beer sponsor. This is indeed key to the fan experience.

Most people need to understand that half of the sports fandom comes from the actual fans. The ability to join in and cheer for a team is crucial to the growth of esports as an industry. Bud Light can not only grow esports but will solidify themselves at a permanent position within the headspace of esports fans. Investing in large events within the Overwatch League, such as the LA Rivalry event they can create better experiences for everyone.

Esports Perspective

As stated above, esports has been established as a credible sports scene on a global scale. People all over the globe participate and even run their own events for fun. With the amount of growth we have annually, we draw closer and closer to rival real-life sports.

One of the biggest things that esports needs to do to solidify its crown is the fan experience. Allowing people to cheer for a specific town or team, and get into the game will have people creating life long relationships with teams and organizations.

Brand loyalty is something that needs to become more common and needs to be explored more. The Overwatch League is a brilliant example of this. Creating home teams and strong team loyalty is something that needs to be executed across all of esports. It is only a matter of time before we establish an overall organization that focuses on the management of leagues, and I believe we need something like that to push us into the next step in the growth of esports.

Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels

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