Perspective: HyperX And The California Interscholastic Federation

Christopher Louey, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports shares his perspective about the HyperX and California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) partnership.

How does this impact HyperX

HyperX is a leading producer of gaming products, including headsets, keyboards, mice and mouse pads. The most significant advantage of partnering with the CIF is positive publicity. Every company would love to be viewed as an organization that helps kids reach their fullest potential. HyperX can back up this view by actually providing kids the equipment needed to compete and foster a space in the CIF that helps kids become better scholastic athletes.

Similar to other product-based companies, HyperX wants to promote its products to people who are most likely to become their consumers. In this case, HyperX is focused on promoting their product to primarily young gamers. The younger the player is, the less likely the player has settled on a product to buy. HyperX wants to win players over against their competition, including SteelSeries, LucidSound, and Turtle Beach.

If this becomes a successful partnership, HyperX will have an easier time attracting other federations and gaming organizations to partner with in the future. In the short term, HyperX gets players to promote their products. This collaboration can also attract gamers of all ages who watch players compete or see promotional material with HyperX products being used.

How does this impact the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF)

The CIF has presenting partnerships with other corporations, including OMEN, by HP and NVIDIA. OMEN provides CIF with the PC and monitor while NVIDIA provides the GPU. Just like any high school sport, there are budgets to consider. The CIF will get financial support from HyperX by receiving esports equipment mentioned earlier. This should help the CIF redistribute resources to other expenses now that HyperX is covering certain product costs. Having multiple partnerships with prominent gaming companies will make it easier for other companies to approach the CIF with partnership proposals and potential deals that can further cover the costs of building esports teams. With this agreement being a one year deal, both parties will have the chance to determine if this deal is just a one-off agreement or worth continuing in the long term.

Separately, esports is not considered a sport under the CIF. These significant partnership deals may sway opinion within the organization.

How does this impact the esports industry

We all hear the news that esports is growing every year, but the industry still has a long way to go toward reaching mainstream audiences. Most gaming companies, including HyperX, are looking for ways to solidify esports as a mainstream activity to attain a more extensive customer base. This is being accomplished one step at a time.

The deal between HyperX and the CIF creates great publicity that helps everyone in the industry, whether it is organizations trying to find new business partners in esports or for everyday gamers who want to be more accepted. Overall this is a very positive partnership that helps kids get access to esports equipment while building the foundation of esports in our society.

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