Perspective: The Atlanta Esports Alliance

Esports Advisor for NGame Esports, Logan McLean, shares his perspective about the recently launched Atlanta Esports Alliance.

Impact on Atlanta Sports Council

The value of the recently launched Atlanta Esports Alliance is hard for any potential critics to downplay. Through their efforts, the Atlanta Sports Council has recognized the current and potential value of the esports industry, helping to further it as an entertainment medium, and posturing themselves to reap the substantial projected long term revenues.

Not to focus solely on the potential dollars of the deal; let us instead focus on the noticeable influence on the city of Atlanta’s esports climate by beloved companies such as Dreamhack AB one of the gaming worlds longest-running celebration of gaming, spearheaded by Vice President, Bas Bruinekool an honorary board member of the Atlanta Esports Alliance. We can also note the influence of the local esports teams Atlanta FaZe and Atlanta Reign, which boast cult-like followers, ecstatic at the opportunity to cheer on their favorite players in person.

Impact on the Atlanta esports market

The Atlanta Esports Alliance seeks to nurture a growing market in the hopes of shaping the city of Atlanta to compete with the current American esports hubs Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas. Atlanta boasts the headquarters of Hi-Rez Studios, Blue Mammoth, Scuf Gaming, and ELEAGUE, which helps to bolster their claim as an esports mecca.

The efforts of the Atlanta Esports Alliance will inject capital into the local economy through a variety of proposed sources, notably the hosting of tournaments, which can draw spectators from around the globe depending on the event. These initiatives are a partnership backed by area game developers, hardware manufacturers, media partners, and most importantly, professional team owners will look to build a blueprint that can be replicated by other cities keen to become an esport industry hotspot.

Impact on the esports industry as a whole

It is still far too early in the lifespan of the Atlanta Esports Alliance to be able to document if what they are doing in Georgia will be a success, and if their system is successful, is it replicable? Furthermore, we are unable to assess the impact on the industry as they have not yet made shock-waves through any of their actions. While the Atlanta Esports Alliance talks a big game, and yes, the Atlanta Sports Council does have a history of delivering, I will not be passing judgment, or applauding the Atlanta Esports Alliance until we see further developments.

Image by michaelmko from Pixabay

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