Perspective: HyperX New Hockey Brand Ambassador

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the HyperX and NHL player partnership with Filip Forsberg.

Nashville Predators assistant captain Filip Forsberg was recently announced as a HyperX brand ambassador. What value does this bring to HyperX?

This is not the first time traditional sports players have dipped into the esport scene. The public awareness that professional players assist with alone is worth the investment. Putting a face to an unknown brand can help it stick into the heads of consumers — especially those who lean towards a follower mentality. Hyper-X works with a ton of celebrities and loves to tie things back to “Everyone is a gamer,” so adding more public images is another step forward for them.

How should HyperX measure the success of the ambassadorship?

If Hyper-X wants to measure its success, they should focus specifically around the NHL team. What was the viewership and interest like before this, and have there been any changes since introducing esports partnerships to the team? Seeing how the regular fans of the NHL react can set up more space for Hyper-X and others to push forward into traditional sports.

Image by hfromnc from Pixabay

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