Perspective: LG Partnership With The ESL Mobile Open

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the LG and ESL Mobile Open partnership.

Esports tournament organizer ESL recently named technology company LG as an official partner of ESL Mobile Open presented by AT&T‘s third season. What value does LG get out of this partnership?

Announced as the second sponsor of the ESL Mobile Open, and exclusive hardware provider for the tournament final, LG has secured a partnership that will ensure thousands of hours are spent viewing their smartphone products.

LG’s commitment to providing support to ESL and other future mobile gaming tournament providers is crucial to the development of the scene. Also, their early commitment paints LG in a favorable light, allowing them to better influence potential consumers, using ESL tournaments as a powerful marketing tool.

How should LG measure the performance of this partnership?

I predict that LG will look to gauge the success of its partnership with ESL in three key factors. The first of which is the consumer opinion of their brand, and converting that relationship into product sales. The second will be to aggregate how many first-time mobile phone users /buyers are opting for LG manufactured phones as a result. Third, the growth of users that are mobile gamers and what games they are playing — then using that data to analyze potential growth opportunities like with ESL.

Image by hawkHD from Pixabay

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