Perspective: Team Liquid And The SAP Partnership

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the expanded partnership between Team Liquid and SAP.

Team Liquid recently expanded its partnership with German software corporation SAP to include its LCS-winning League of Legends roster. How do you think this partnership was measured to warrant an expansion?

The sponsorship of Team Liquid marked the first collaboration of SAP with a professional esports organization, and now we are currently in the second year of the initial three year agreement. As the official innovation partner, SAP has collaborated with Team Liquid on co-developing software based on in-game data. This collaboration in turn has helped Team Liquid better analyze performance and achieve greater precision in areas like team and player performance and scouting new talent.

This same data-led approach helped the team achieve fourth place at The International 2018 and second place at The International 2019. With both parties pleased by the steady growth driven by their quantitative and data prioritized approach, expansion into other areas in which Team Liquid compete for are a natural progression for a deal this fruitful.

Do you think this partnership will lead to more esports involvement from SAP?

Stefan Ries, Chief Human Resources Officer, SAP commented: “After deciding to become a sponsor in the field of esports, SAP took time to observe and analyze the market and its ecosystem before finally deciding to partner with Team Liquid – one of the most successful teams in the business.”

If we reference the above quote from the Chief Human Resources Officer at SAP, Stefan Ries, on when the partnership between SAP and Team Liquid was initially announced, it is clear that SAP is engaged in the industry and are watching emerging trends carefully. The continued fruitful relationship between Team Liquid and SAP will hopefully encourage SAP to engage more with organizations and fuel industry growth.

Photo by Danny Meneses from Pexels

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