Perspective: Acer’s Engagement In Esports

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports, talks about Acer’s involvement in esports.

Acer recently partnered with Esports One to bring OneData to Planet9. Planet9 is an open community that allows gamers to build their team, train for excellence, and challenge for victory. What makes this a great partnership between the two companies?

Right now, the best thing esports can accomplish is giving more players more options when it comes to competing and playing games. The fewer barriers of entry there are, the easier it will be to grow esports as a whole. With Acer and Esports1 focusing on creating another platform for gamers, they are knocking down more barriers for everyone else to compete.

What is your opinion about Acer, and how they compare to their competitors in esports?

I believe Acer has had a name for a while, but never really in the gaming scene. Only recently did they focus on projects such as Acer: Predator, and more. Asus, Cyberpower, Ibuypower, and Corsair were highly tuned to gaming from an early stage. I think the changes Acer has made are good, but it all depends on where they want their brand to go in the future.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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