Perspective: EA Promoting Apex Legends Content

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about EA sponsoring Twitch streams to promote Apex Legends.

EA recently sponsored Twitch streams to promote new Apex Legends content. Why do you think EA made this the strategy to promote Apex Legends content?

Sponsored streams are a marketing tool that EA has used very effectively throughout the lifespan of Apex Legends. Upon the initial launch of the title, Electronic Arts(EA) partnered with massively popular content creators like Ninja, Shroud, DrDisrespect, etc. to promote their new battle-royale title.

These streams had the desired effect, creating a massive surge of interest around Apex Legends. The player base grew at an exponential rate, with memes being made about the content creators and their sponsored streams, only adding to the popularity of Apex.

With this initial surge, there was always going to be a sharp decline after the sponsored streams stopped. It is unclear if EA planned for this, or if they assumed that the fidelity of their title would be enough to captivate their audience. EA has figured out the correlation of paying content creators to exchange for eyes and users effectively, but the retention of said users is still in question.

Do you think developers do an excellent job of leveraging streaming platforms when promoting content and games?

The method of developers paying for content creators to stream their game on launch, or when rolling out a patch of new content has become commonplace. It secures hype for your title, but if your title itself lacks quality, the audience gained will leave as fast as they came.

Photo by Nao Triponez from Pexels

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