Perspective: Esports Merchandising, Cloud9 And We Are Nations

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, talks about the recent partnership between We Are Nations and Cloud9.

Esports merchandising company, We Are Nations, recently partnered with North American organization Cloud9. How does this benefit both companies?

The recently announced partnership between North American esports juggernaut Cloud9 and the largest esports merchandising company in the world, We Are Nations, was highly anticipated by fans of Cloud9 across the globe. These Cloud9 supporters will now be able to purchase apparel at a more competitive rate, with a variety of shipping options. This effectively unlocks the European market and more for Cloud9, and We Are Nations, who are forecasting a resulting spike in sales.

In your opinion, is there any esports team or organization that executes esports apparel/merchandising very well?

Undoubtedly, We Are Nations is the most effective esports merchandiser. The size of We Are Nations allows them to produce higher quality at a lower price and more quickly than its competitors.

We Are Nations also have avoided public fiasco, unlike Fnatics, the apparel provider for Activision-Blizzards Overwatch League, who consistently has shipped misprinted clothing. It is a massive issue that plagues the supporters, who are punished by a company shipping sub-par goods.

Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni from Pexels

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