Perspective: Esports Charts And StarLadder

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports, talks about the recent Esports Charts and StarLadder partnership.

Analytical agency Esports Charts has entered a partnership with Ukraine-based event organizer StarLadder. How does this partnership impact Esports Charts?

It appears that Esports Charts is a data aggregate endeavor; this deal with StarLadder is another profit-making venture from Esports Charts. Precise data about audience engagement, social influence, and other factors are all sellable commodities to someone if appropriately packaged.

Esports Charts has made similar deals like this before. What is there long term strategy?

Esports Charts has figured out a way to aggregate and display data in a fashion familiar to consumers, and are now profiting off their venture.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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