Perspective: The Pringles And DreamHack Partnership

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the partnership between DreamHack and Pringles.

Event organizer DreamHack recently named Kellogg’s snack brand Pringles as the festival partner for the upcoming 2019 iteration of DreamHack Winter. What value does this bring to Pringles?

I love seeing the new partnerships being formed as esports becomes larger. From State Farm to Sour Patch Kids, it always feels like there is someone new looking to promote within the leagues. Pringles may have realized just how much reach they can have thanks to esports. With stream numbers approaching well over 200 thousand for larger events (2019 Worlds Championships) it is a good thing overall for brands to invest in esports.

What are some of the key metrics Pringles should use to evaluate the partnership performance?

There are multiple things to look at when advertising in esports. Thankfully it is straightforward if your events are being hosted on Twitch or another streaming platform. Whether you are annoying with jingles or you have an overlay. In addition, the chat will always come up with something for the sponsor as well. The ability to monitor the conversation and recording what was being said during an advertisement is valuable. As well as analyzing how often streamers are talking about your product or stating the stream is supported by the product is another way for sponsors to engage.

All of these opportunities are easy ways to get real-time reactions about your product. For example: If Doritos wanted to team with Overwatch to create a Dva sponsored chip, I genuinely believe it would destroy market sales. All of this started with jokes, streams, and the overall community. However, any metric that monitors community approval would be an undeniable asset.

Photo by Dids from Pexels

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