Perspective: NBA 2K League 2020 Expansion

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the NBA 2K League expansion with Gen.G esports.

The NBA 2K League will go international in 2020 with a Shanghai franchise launched by Chinese organization Gen.G esports. Why do you think the NBA 2K League chose Gen. G esports?

The expansion plans for the NBA 2K League couple perfectly with Gen.G’s core mission, which is connecting esports fans and athletes across the United States and Asia. Therefore, we can assume it makes the deal a perfect pairing in the eyes of the 2K League.

After learning from the 2020 season, do you think the NBA 2K League would expand more outside North America?

After the initial learning curve of the inaugural season, I would have expected the NBA 2K League to focus on interactions to grow fanbases. Immediately opting for an international presence hints at the long term vision of the 2K League.

Photo by Saunak Shah from Pexels

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