Perspective: Esports Tournament Platforms Connecting Gamers

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about esports platforms connecting gamers.

XY Gaming recently raised $2.5 million for its global esports tournament platform. With XY Gaming, players compete for cash prizes. In your opinion, what is the best platform for gamers to play and earn cash?

As a long-time supporter of player to player transactions, my preferred transaction type does not involve a third party platform that risks a potential non-payout. While this has become somewhat a thing of the past, tournament platforms were not always reliable with payouts.

How important is it for platforms to connect with all gamers?

I believe that a platform that attempts to connect all gamers will inevitably end up aggravating one section of its audience. Platforms should opt for a specific medium and become a mainstay.

Photo by Bruno Henrique from Pexels

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