Profile: Jason McIntosh, ggCircuit

We connected with Jason McIntosh, Director of Strategic Initiatives, for ggCircuit to talk about his perspective on esports.

Can you tell us alittle bit about ggCircuit?

We are an esports management software and services company. Our product ggLeap runs 600+ locations globally with player incentives. Our services division helps setup startup locations with our 20 years of LAN center experience.

What motivated you to get involved in the esports industry?

I had a serious surgery in 2012. I realized that life was too short for vanilla corporate IT jobs, so I took a leap of faith and entered into the esports realm. First, managing an esports center, then being part of ggCircuit from the beginning.

Where do you see esports in the next five years?

There is so much I could talk about here. I think my main interests are who will prevail as esports organizations for colleges, high schools, and beyond. It is such an exciting thing to see so many go after the same space. I am also interested to see how large companies will begin building out brick and mortar esports locations.

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