Perspective: Modern Times Group Continued Impact On Esports

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about Modern Times Group continued impact on esports.

Sweden’s Modern Times Group (MTG) has bolstered its global esports ambitions by striking a deal with Chinese streamer Huya involving an exchange of equity with plans to create worldwide brands and competitions. How important is it for esports to see investment activity like this that impact the space?

It is essential to see the continued inking of deals such as Huya’s and Modern Times Group. While the agreement itself is a noteworthy achievement for each company and another positive indicator for the industry, individually the deal is not noteworthy. When we review at a macro level, this year’s business deals in the industry are attracting external investment, lending to the further legitimization of esports in the eyes of the non-consumer.

In your opinion, what value does MTG bring to the esports industry?

MTG is a keystone of the industry, and its subsidiaries include DreamHack, which is the world’s largest digital festival which has been operating yearly since 1994. MTG has provided the industry with events that lead to the networking that ultimately led to esports in its current iteration. The value of the effort put forth by brands like MTG is integral to the ongoing success we are experiencing today.

Photo by Modern Times Group MTG AB

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