Perspective: Esports Involvement At The High School Level

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about esports at the high school level.

Mandan High School is one of 14 schools in North Dakota to take up eSports, which turn video games into sporting activities for students. How important is it for the esports industry to have more participation in the high school level?

Esports has been spreading throughout collegiate and high school levels. I played for the first collegiate team to offer scholarships in the United States, so I have seen first hand how esports has been influencing the education system.

I have operated events for local Illinois High Schools and have been helping evolve the scene since early 2014. It is imperative to develop the high school and esports levels to have a healthy streamline of talent over the coming years. The ability to normalize esports and make it more available to students is vital to the growth of esports. It is always good to see high schools like Mandan lead the charge with clubs and sports programs like this.

One of the most significant components of high school esports is educating parents about the impact and opportunity of esports. Do you think esports has done a good enough job in educating parents about the space?

Esports is still relatively new and has a lot of unanswered questions looming around the industry. It is apparent parents of students would be skeptical about anything like this in general; as they did not have anything like this growing up. I think the important thing is making sure we are transparent with the parents while emphasizing community and socializing for students.

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