Perspective: Riot Games And The Vision Of Data

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the partnership between Riot Games and Bayes Esports Solutions.  

Riot Games recently announced a partnership with Bayes Esports Solutions which includes the acquisition of exclusive worldwide data distribution rights for League of Legends esports. What makes this a great connection for both organizations?

Andy Cunningham, of Sportsradar Integrity Services, more succinctly summarizes the multiple recent partnerships between his employer and Riot Games, while also providing future outlook: 

 “Through this partnership, Riot Games is bolstering its capabilities by implementing an effective and innovative integrity program, With legal sports betting expected to grow over the next several years, especially in the U.S., we are encouraged by Riot’s proactivity, as it looks to maintain and further establish its leadership position in the esports space.” 

As esports continues to attract a bigger audience, how important is it for organizations like Riot Games to have data that brands can leverage and utilize? 

While audience growth projections will act as a motivating factor for advertisers, audience sizes have little correlation with data that can be leveraged by brands. 

I am trying to emphasize that it is not a big new rush to create data for advertisers. The data has always been there. No one has use data in such a manner because esports had not been monetized in such a fashion before the last five years. There is already a wealth of data available for brands looking to enter the market. However, most brands continue to lack the vision or have too conservative of a risk management team to activate in the space they do not understand.

Quote Source: Image credit: Riot Games Press Center

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