Perspective: Call of Duty League 2020

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the Call of Duty League for 2020.

It was recently announced that esport teams Gen. G and Luminosity will not participate in the Call of Duty League inaugural season for 2020. What factors do you think may have led to this decision?

Call of Duty has been falling off as of late due to ever declining numbers in support and viewers. I do not think this is necessarily the league’s fault, but this has been a necessary foresight due to developer issues with the game. One thing we still need to understand is that an esports scene is still primarily influenced by the studio that develops the game and handles its (EOL) stage.

As leagues continue to grow in esports, do you anticipate more barriers to entry for teams?

The more we expand and grow esports, the more it will be ruled and regulated. It is only a matter of time before we have a federal regulation on teams, trading, and winnings for any league looking to expand. This progression means that there will eventually become more barriers to entry in terms of teams, but I do not think it will become harder for players. Teams will always look for talent, and fortunately, we have several platforms to find it.

photo credit: press.activision.com

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