Perspective: Analyzing Live Stream Viewership Data

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about understanding the market and measuring live streams.

StreamMetrics, a new startup backed by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment Ventures, recently launched its StreamMetrics Audience Measurement service for providing detailed viewership data about live streams. How do you think this compares to what is currently out in the market?

To understand the market and community better, we need to collect data. Live streaming is a long-form entertainment media channel that lets us see in real time how people are engaging with particular content. StreamMetrics is one such company that we will see a rise in as esports becomes more and more mainstream and increases the amount of non-endemic brands to the industry.

From an advertiser and brand perspective, what KPIs are you looking for when analyzing data about live streams?

The primary marketing KPIs are still the focus of live streaming; however, I would also prioritize social media traffic and feedback.

Long-form media allows us to track feedback in real-time, which decreases the amount of spending when trying to understand the viewer’s engagement towards products better. This media channel is something new to the world of marketing, and by collecting this data, we can improve outcomes and sponsors to the audience and fans liking.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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