Perspective: Esports Attracting Leaders From Other Sectors

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the esports industry attracting leaders from other sectors.

Esports organization, Misfits Gaming, recently hired Greg Stangel from Fox Networks Group to become its Chief Revenue Officer. In your opinion, what made Misfits Gaming attractive enough to hire Greg from a significant company like Fox Networks Group?

The big reason behind Greg joining Misfits is their longevity within the esports scene. Misfits have been around for many years and have been involved with just about every game known. I believe one of the biggest reasons Misfits was attractive to Greg was for the potential growth with the Florida Mayhem and other teams within their umbrella. Plenty of other investors are on board with the OWL (Overwatch League) and see the pros of having a city-based team within the realm of esports. Only time will tell how large all of these teams can become.

In your opinion, how can esports organizations position themselves to attract executives from major organizations?

To give yourself a leg up on other organizations and to attract potential team members, you want to flush out your business model. Make sure it is visible not only to you and your players but to the investors as well. Show all potential returns on investments and steps you are looking to take to evolve your brand.

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