Perspective: The University Approach To Esports

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about universities engaging in esports.

Iowa State University recently started construction for a student gaming center set to be completed in fall 2020. Over the next five years, do you see this level of commitment for gaming/esports implemented in universities across America?

I predict a five-year forecast, and which Esports becomes much more of the norm and socially acceptable then you can imagine. As Esports becomes more popular with younger people, this momentum will only continue to build. Universities are always keen on capturing and monetizing upon the interests of young people; therefore, I see the short-term cost analysis of building a purpose-built esports venue worth investment.

It seems that the number one priority for universities is to use esports/gaming as a platform to grow communities and engagement for students. Do you feel this will create more fandom and connection for esports overall?

There is a massive push from universities to get esports on campus. It is almost as frequent as every week we see a new head of esports job posted at a new campus somewhere in the United States. The majority of this is a misguided push from universities in an attempt to land potential students; in talking to schools about their programs, they made it clear that this was their approach. Programs that are looking to enter from this angle are likely to fail.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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