Perspective: Global Brands Activating In Esports

RFRSH Entertainment named Japanese car manufacturer Toyota as an official partner for BLAST Pro Series Moscow. What value do you see Toyota receiving in this partnership?

There is a huge value for any brand that can successfully activate in the market because it roughly translates to capturing your brand’s future primary market. I believe Toyota will have referenced Mercedes’ #GrowUp marketing campaign when planning their partnership with the BLAST pro series.

There was a lot to learn when Mercedes published a commercial instructing audiences to grow up by showcasing a young adult couple buying a Benz and starting a family. The ad, however, felt as if it was mocking the targeted audience which was not well received. Mercedes received backlash on many social platforms.

How important is it for esports to have a company like Toyota engage and see a return in this partnership?

The future potential value of a successful esports activation is almost unquantifiable. As esports become increasingly more mainstream, i.e., pop-culture, the more youth will attach to esports fandom. These fans are power-consumers and incredibly brand loyal. All of which are potential future consumers of your product/brand/service if you can successfully activate in the space.

image credit: Photo by А.Даш Очир from Pexels

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