Perspective: Simplicity Esports And Playlive Nation

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the recent transaction between Simplicity Esports and Playlive Nation.

North American esports organization, Simplicity Esports, recently acquired Playlive Nation. Playlive Nation is a company that manages gaming centers throughout the U.S. How important is it for esports to have companies like Playlive Nation to have local relevance in communities?

You can apply the same rationale that a traditional sports franchise would, a permanent facility as a community landmark. Akin to a traditional sports franchise, facilities enable you to have a presence and outreach events that allow interaction with your audience.

Playlive Nation has 44 centers in 11 states serving more than 150,000 players. How can Simplicity leverage this to create long term value?

Simplicity Esports has a golden opportunity to win over the fandom of over 150,000 players across their 44 gaming centers. How they aim to accomplish this goal is yet to be seen. A few avenues could be on-site merchandise, giveaways, tournaments, and other community events that would offer potential mechanisms for them to monetize on those numbers.

photo by Fox from Pexels

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