Perspective: Rocket League And The Chinese Market

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the Rocket League approval in the Chinese market.

In July Rocket League received approval from the Chinese government, allowing the game to be played free in the Chinese market. How important is this for Rocket League and its ability to better engage the Chinese market?

Unlike the western markets, the Chinese version of Rocket League has been made a free-to-play experience. This ruling from the government happens to be a master-stroke for Tencent and Psyonix. The Chinese market is primed for a massive micro-transaction gaming experience.
With the majority of popular titles in China having success with micro-transactions, this ruling does not raise any eyebrows. It continues the trend of removing the barrier to entry in individual games.

China traditionally is a tough market to enter for any industry. In your opinion, what factors led to this decision?

China is a tough market to enter for a multitude of reasons. In particular, the state’s manipulation of businesses within the economy of China is a challenge. In a country where there is no free market, and state-sponsored enterprises are the norm. It is hard for a non-state sponsored business to be competitive in the Chinese market. In gaming alone, Tier 1 games in China have had sizable amounts of content edited out of their western versions to meet state specifications.

Photo by √Āgoston Fung from Pexels

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