Perspective: Board Of Directors For Esport Organizations

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about what makes a good board member for an esports organization.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

OverActive Media, parent company, to esport organizations Splyce and Toronto Defiant added two board of directors, Robin Brudner and Wade Oosterman. In your opinion, what makes a good board of directors for an esports organization?

An excellent board member for an esports organization is a competent and an active delegator. While the majority of persons elected to any board of directors practice this religiously, it is essential for the business minds not to over-meddle in esports aspects and operations. We preach about respecting knowledge and expertise so very often, but when this has fallen by the wayside organizations fail.

It is worth noting that all successful Tier 1 organizations follow the same winning formula. money-men on the board ( Traditional Execs, Private Capital, Venture Capital) providing support to the vision of the esports endemic execs.

Since esports is still considered new and growing, do you feel esports organizations need a balance of business experience and esports experience at the board of director level?

I believe that there is a place for the traditional business experience to help guide esports organizations. With that being said, I prefer those decisions that will affect the industry as a whole to remain in the hands of esports persons. They intimately care about the wellbeing of the scene, whereas dollars ultimately influence the traditional board of directors.

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