Perspective: Chevrolet And The Invictus Gaming Partnership

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about Chevrolet and its partnership with Invictus Gaming.

Photo by Raduz from Pexels

American car brand Chevrolet recently signed a partnership deal with Chinese esports organization Invictus Gaming. The plan for Chevrolet is to leverage the partnership to promote the Chevrolet Tracker SUV. This will be an excellent opportunity for Chevrolet to connect with a specific audience. Do you think this has a chance to be successful?

Non-endemic marketing has always been a goal for the esports industry. Non-endemic marketing can open up new avenues for investors and overall bring much-needed funding into the sector. Hopefully, this and the Kia deals go well, and we will start seeing more companies looking to invest. The gaming community is extensive, and I believe companies need the risks and potential rewards shown before they invest.

In your opinion how do you think Invictus Gaming was able to position themselves to attract a global brand like Chevrolet?

Invictus gaming has always been a well-respected organization in the League of Legends Pro League as well as the world. I believe this is the first of many non-endemic brands taking chances on esports teams. Also, attempting a marketing campaign in China before taking it to the states can show indicators on how things would play out with the market before putting more money into the campaign.

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