Perspective: Riot Games Collegiate Focus And Impact On Esports

Chris Louey, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports illustrates the potential impact of college esports with Riot Games involvement.


Riot Games announced earlier this year that they would develop a collegiate governing body for its League of Legends. If this is successful, do you anticipate more leagues and organizations using this as a blueprint to help improve esports?

Riot Games’ development of the Riot Scholastic Association of America (RSAA) should help with the longevity of esports in college. The primary goal is to add an extra layer of communication between colleges and Riot Games while developing Riot’s brand. Similar to how the NCAA governs over collegiate sports, the effects of this newly formed governing body could turn college esports clubs into the varsity equivalent.

If successful, I think the NCAA would learn from the RSAA and position itself to govern collegiate esports activities as it does with traditional sports.

With Riot Games now being a much bigger player in collegiate esports do you think this will attract more colleges and universities to get involved?

I think colleges and universities are already getting more involved based on the overall trends of the esports industry. As esports becomes more of an entertainment staple, people will grow up playing video games competitively. More and more colleges will want to foster student leadership, teamwork, and strategy development through esports.

Riot’s involvement appears to make it easier for colleges to develop esports teams which may be the push colleges need to start there own program.

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