Perspective: Red Bull’s Presence In Esports

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about Red Bull’s connection with esports.

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, will be the exclusive supplier for all Red Bull esports events organized this year. What makes Red Bull such a great brand for esports?

Red Bull has masterfully positioned itself to be an esports icon, and their willingness to take risks in emerging sports markets has proven to work for them. In the extreme sports world, where they were early adopters, they now dominate the coverage of the scene. If we apply the same logic to esports, it is reasonable to draw the conclusion that Red Bull seeks to occupy as much market space as possible. This is relevant for tournament sponsorships, event hosting, and broadcasting, which solidifies Red Bull as an entertainment provider.

Red Bull is also a company that tells great stories. What about esports that allow brands such as Red Bull to create great content and stories?

Esports is a much more intimate experience than traditional sports, and this is in part due to the connectivity of twitch and social media. Fans are more avid consumers of content provided by their favorite team, player, streamer/influencer because they are more invested in what they consume.

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