Perspective: Caffeine Building Their Presence In Esports

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about Caffeine and its presence versus the competition.

Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

Riot Games adds Caffeine as a streaming partner of its North American League, League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). The partnership will not be an exclusive as Twitch will still broadcast the LCS as well. What value does this bring to shout-casters and entrepreneurs looking to leverage Caffeine?

Riot appears to be lending its significant streaming presence (LCS) to social streaming startup; Caffeine. While the full potential of this partnership is unclear, what we know is that Caffeine will provide fans of the LCS an even more social viewing experience, while also expanding the viewer demographics for League of Legends (LoL).

Caffeine has a more social network focus versus the competition such as Twitch and YouTube. Do you think shout-casters, streamers, and entrepreneurs will focus on one platform, or will they leverage multiple platforms to engage with fans?

I cannot envision that Caffeine can dent Twitch and to a lesser extent, YouTube’s presence. Twitch and YouTube are the premier platforms to provide content for primary esports consumers. Caffeine’s platform does not appear to offer anything to challenge Twitch or YouTube’s business model. However, it aims to target a “hip-market” with its Instagram like feel. It will be interesting to see how it plays out over the next few years.

Overall, Caffeine is in pre-release, and we are interested in watching its progress closely and being proven wrong.

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