Perspective: Logitech G Building Partnerships And Products For Esports

Logan McLean, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about Logitech G and its presence in esports.

Astralis and Logitech G announced a 2-year partnership. As part of the partnership, Astrailis players will test future products. Do you think product testing is widespread between esports teams and companies like Logitech G?

The partnership between Astralis and Logitech-G, while one to be celebrated, is quite commonplace.

Peripheral suppliers such as Logitech-G, Corsair, HyperX often elect to promote their brand through exclusive merchandise reveals with partnered teams. It is viewed as an organic way for the brand to connect with fans of their partner organization. Fans are much more likely to buy a product that their favorite player or streamer uses.

The ability to develop a product created for teams and then having that team speak positively about the product builds excellent rapport with your fanbase.

In your opinion, what advantages will this bring to Logitech G as they continue to build new products for the esports industry?

Logitech has long since cemented themselves as one of the premier providers of gaming equipment, their reputation for long-lasting quality proceeds them. They are specifically chosen by gamers who prefer a more durable, quality piece of hardware as opposed to flashier items provided by competitors marketing to the stereotypical gamer.

Logitech’s continued development of new peripherals to the same standard of quality will be a crucial component for them to maintain their status in an ever-changing market. If Logitech can successfully and continually utilize influencer marketing through partnerships with teams, the potential revenue channels are immense.

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