Perspective: Blast Pro Series Building The Fan Experience

CJ Louey, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about Blast Pro Series and their ability to drive fan engagement.

Photo by Malcolm Garret from Pexels

Blast Pro Series announced Moscow as one of its locations for its 2019 tournament circuit. What makes tournaments like the Blast Pro Series so special for esports?

Blast Pro Series is able to diversify its locations across the globe as they have chosen to host their tournaments in Sao Paulo, Miami, Madrid, Los Angeles and now Moscow. Not only will this create a larger fan base around the world but it also gives fans a chance to witness a big stage esports tournament closer to their area.

It gives a chance for fans to not only travel to see the action but to also immerse themselves in the culture. This series can bring people from many backgrounds together under similar interests including love of the game.

How do you think major tournament organizers like Blast Pro Series separate themselves from the competition?

Blast Pro Series separates itself from other esports tournaments with a different approach in its fan experience. Large tournaments like ESL include 16 teams while six teams compete in the Blast Pro Series. A smaller amount of teams make it easier to intensify team rivalries and hype up the action. During the first stage, all teams play at the same time so fans do not have to wait to watch their team play. To determine the third place winner, the current third place team would choose a team lower in the standings to compete in a one vs one competition. This is another characteristic of the series aimed to build hype among the general fan base.

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