Perspective: Madden Innovation And Authenticity

John Macone, Former Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the success and innovation of madden.

from JESHOOTS on pexel

Madden continues to do a great job with innovating to make the game more authentic. In your opinion, how important is it that Madden maintains the balance between authenticity and fun for the gamers of Madden?

I believe the balance between authenticity and fun/gamification are key for the Madden franchise, as an attractor of gamers and sports fans alike. Part of bridging that divide is to pay respect to the source material and authentic NFL experience. In addition, another part of that is creating a fun to play experience that emulates elements of other successful titles and systems.

Since EA has had great success with the Madden franchise do you anticipate any competition from other gaming developers?

I do not anticipate primary competition from other game developers for a title that will emulate what Madden does. Madden has had a stranglehold on the American Football style video game, and other companies will struggle to try and recreate that experience successfully. There is still plenty of other opportunities for spin-offs and more arcade oriented games that use american football as a template, however.

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