Perspective: Madden 20 Player and Team Ratings

John Macone, Former Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about the release of Madden 20’s player and team ratings.

by geralt from Pixabay

One of the best things about a Madden release is the rating of players and teams? This tends to draw excitement and frustration from Madden fans every year. Do you think this is because Madden has done a great job of authenticity or fans having great expectations for specific teams and players?

I think the frustration around the rating of players and teams in Madden and its fanbase is very similar to the emotions exhibited in fantasy football leagues. Players have great expectations for how they expect players and teams to be rated based on their own experiences with the NFL. This stirs up conversation and impassioned debate much like in fantasy leagues, but in a more complicated way due to the unchanging nature of these ratings.

In your opinion do you think Madden should provide better reasoning and rationale to fans to clear up the frustration at times?

If Madden moves towards the realm of esports and these ratings have larger implications for a competitive community, transparency may be helpful behind how they are determined. The only negative that comes with this is that with this transparency, communities usually assume any feedback they give will be actionable, making things unhelpful if EA would not act on potential criticisms. On a casual level, I do not think these systems need much addressing.

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