Perspective: Major Players In The Esports Streaming Space

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about streaming and broadcasting rights in esports.

Photo by Bruno Massao from Pexels

In April Fox Sports secured television and streaming rights to several FIFA 19 esports events. How do you think this impacts streaming platforms that are already in this space such as Twitch and Youtube?

I doubt this will honestly have much of an impact unless these are exclusive streaming rights. I don not think limiting the viewership of a smaller esport will be of any benefit to the league. By engaging with the community and opening up the avenues for viewership will generate a stronger fanbase and playerbase.

Since ESPN and Fox Sports are now covering esports do you anticipate smaller/regional networks covering esports content?

I doubt we will see smaller networks cover anything regarding esports until we have the trust of more non endemic sponsors and brands. This is currently one of the biggest uphill battles, but I can definitely see something in the future including my current work that might help win that trust.

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