Perspective: Passion And The Future Of Esports

Chris Louey, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports talks about his passion and the future for esports.

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What makes you passionate about esports?

The three main reasons why I am passionate about esports is my love for gaming, my competitiveness and the community.  One thing that is better than playing video games is playing games with other people. I find that friendships built based either in teamwork or rivalry are not easily broken.  As a commentator, I love to engage with the community. There are so many people that have the same feelings I do and I would not have been able to meet them if it was not for esports.  These connections that we make across the world are incomparable.

Where do you see esports in the next 3 -5 years?

Projections show a strong growth in viewership and revenue into this industry over the next few years.  Those two indicators should entice companies from different industries to get involved. Esports is also heavily reliant on technological innovation in entertainment.  This is not a problem as technology keeps getting better. The only factor that may slowdown is the perception of esports. As esports becomes more mainstream, there is a whole host of questions that will need to be addressed to continue its development.

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