Perspective: Broadcasting And Streaming In Esports

Chris Louey, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports provides his perspective on major brands broadcasting and streaming esports.

Photo by Knelstrom ltd from Pexels

Major American broadcaster, Fox Sports, secured television and streaming rights for FIFA 2019 events. As major brands continue to get involved in esports do you think they are testing the waters or are they getting in before it is too late?

Major brands are still testing the waters when it comes to getting involved in esports especially in broadcasting as a lot of content is left untapped.  Many streams in esports are free, do not have commercials and are not sponsored. The current names we may think about in esport networks are Twitch and YouTube compared to sports networks like FOX, CBS and NBC. 

As these networks continue to transition to online streaming and esports becomes more mainstream, you can expect these networks to dive head first into the industry.

Do you think streaming companies such as Netflix or Hulu will get involved in esports at some point?

In 2017, Hulu partnered with ESL to produce esports content.  This was a way for Hulu to better understand esports and to determine how their media service can get involved.  The current problem for streaming services like Hulu and Netflix is their competitors. Twitch and YouTube dominate in esports viewership because of their popularity and free entry.  Consumers are less likely to switch from using a free service to a paid service unless there is an incentive to change. While Hulu and Netflix face an uphill battle, it would be a mistake to miss out on the growing industry and stay on the sidelines while other platforms continue to take viewership.

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