Perspective: Non-Endemic Brands Engaging In Esports

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for Daniels Esports Group shares his perspective about non-endemic brands participating in the esports space.

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Esports organization, Houston Outlaws, partnered with grocery retailer H-E-B. How can esports organizations position themselves to attract sponsorship from non-endemic brands such as H-E-B?

I think this has been one of the hardest questions to answer for esports as a whole. Since it is a smaller niche industry it is more difficult to attract the larger companies and non endemic sponsors to the scene. One of my biggest recommendations is to look for local sponsors first. If you are looking to create more non-endemic sponsors, find a local car dealership or whatever you are choosing to pursue, and speak with them. By offering publicity and possibility of revenue gain you can usually interest most people.

Thankfully in the past few months we have seen an increase in more non endemic sponsors within the esports scene, such as Nissan and Coca Cola. I believe the smartest thing to do is look at products or services that esports athletes use or joke about being used and go from there. For example: Mountain Dew can help link you to Coca Cola and other non gamer marketed products within the field.

From your perspective what are non-endemic brands looking for when engaging in the esports space?

Some sponsors that I would be looking out for is fast food companies such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Making that large leap can help bridge that gap between traditional fields for marketing and esports. With the addition of Coca Cola these companies may not be that far in the future.

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